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Sharon Farber at Arthur Findlay College February 2014

When I decided to “become” a medium in spring of 2011, many people reacted with versions of “I thought you had to be born with that” and “I didn’t think it was something you could learn.” I wasn’t sure about that myself. I did extensive reading and then put it into practice. The quiet mind used to connect with spirit is pretty much the same place I go to do healing. I could do it! I have since acknowledged that this is a gift I have and that I’ve been guided to develop it and let it unfold.

I was nearly jumping up and down with excitement when I had my first connection with someone else’s loved one in spirit. “Ruth” confirmed that yes, her dad had an “L” name, he did smoke a lot of cigarettes, and yes he died of cancer. The best part was that I had seen a military uniform. Not only had Dad been in the military, but Ruth had his uniform and was just looking at it a couple of days before. This was just a start, but it showed me that it was possible, which gave me the confidence to invest my time and energy in further developing these skills.

I spent six months in a Basics of Mediumship Class and took workshops with many mediums. I visited Spiritualist Churches where healing and spirit communication are the main elements of the services. I attended events and received readings, exposed my kids to professional mediums so they wouldn’t think Mom had gone nuts, participated in circles, and started practicing on live volunteers. I even let my guides convince me to go to Arthur Findlay College, in England, for a week-long mediumship intensive.

My week at Arthur Findlay College was magical, and confirmed that this is what I am meant to be doing. My teacher Colin Bates told me that I’ve been using my mediumistic skills my whole life and that I am a “natural medium.” My skills improved. I’ve made connections in person, by phone, in “virtual circles,” and remotely. I now give group readings as well as private sessions. It is very healing for people to learn that their loved ones are still around and care about them, and I want to help as many people as possible to experience this.

I started facilitating a mediumship development circle in May 2012 and it is still going strong. We sit Wednesday nights to connect with spirit and give messages to each other. It is thrilling to experience our gifts expanding. I think it is particularly validating (and fun) when several of us link with the same spirit and contribute evidence. We do gallery style circles on the first Wednesday of the month, where we invite four guests to be “sitters.” I returned to Arthur Findlay College in February of 2014 for another remarkable week of intensive mediumship training and inspiration, and continue to take classes here in the US. (March 2017 update: I added a second mediumship development circle that meets Tuesday mornings, and in July I am going back to Arthur Findlay College to strengthen my abilities and gather new insights to share.)

I opened Dragonfly Healing Arts in New Hartford, Connecticut, in 2013. The center provides a place for many types of healing, including massage therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, and mediumship. I offer private and group mediumship there, as well as beginner mediumship classes. My associates teach yoga and Ti Chi, offer Thai Yoga Massage, Angel Readings, Health and Spiritual Coaching, and other holistic offerings.

I started writing How To Become a Medium When You Aren’t Born That Way… Or Are You? in May 2014. On June 6, 2017 I signed a contract with Llewellyn Worldwide, who will be publishing the book. I am excited and thrilled!

I am so grateful to my guides and teachers on both sides of the veil for their support, love, and guidance on this path.

Thank you for sharing the journey.

With love and light,

Sharon Farber June 26, 2017



Sharon Farber graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts in 1983 with a BA in Sociology. She worked as a case worker at the Department of Social Services in Charlotte, North Carolina and then directed a senior adult program for the New Jersey Y Camps. When that got old, she started researching massage schools.

Sharon graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 1989, and the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in 2001, and is a Reiki Master. She created Avon Massage Therapy Center which she owned for eighteen years. She taught classes in massage and healing, and facilitated a healing group. Sharon Farber is a practicing massage therapist, healer and reflexologist.

Sharon discovered a passion for painting in 2004. She sold her massage practice in 2006 and went on to become an award winning artist. Her specialty has been realistic nature and wildlife landscapes. Now she is also creating spiritual paintings that are filled with vibrant passion, light, and healing. These paintings represent the integration of Sharon’s healing, creativity, and spirituality.

Sharon attended a group reading with a local medium in 2005 and was immediately fascinated with mediumship. She invited the medium to do monthly group readings at Avon Massage and was thrilled to attend each one. Sharon was impressed and inspired by the healing that took place as people were connected with their loved ones in spirit.

In 2010 she massaged a man with chest pain, whose eleven year old daughter had died the previous year. The specifics of her death left the parents devastated. The experience with this client left a large impression on Sharon who never stopped thinking about how healing it would be for these parents to have a session with a good medium. This was the catalyst for the development of her mediumship abilities.

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